Amber Wright On Death Row

Amber Wright – Teenage Murderer Who Killed Her Ex Boyfriend

A Twisted Love Triangle Led To Murder

Amber Wright is convicted of involvement in the first-degree murder of her ex-boyfriend, Seth Jackson. Seth was a 15-year-old boy who got brutally murdered, and it shocked the entire of Florida. What is more shocking is that the murder was committed by a bunch of teenagers. Amber along with her group would be arrested and then life sentence in prison without parole.

Murder Of Seath Jackson

Apparently, Amber Wright and Seath Jackson were in a relationship and had a falling out back in 2011. They were both 15 years old. It ended badly as they argued over Facebook. It is said that Amber Wright had moved on and had a new boyfriend named Michael Bargo but things didn’t stop there as the new boyfriend and the old boyfriend got engaged in an online fight over social media. Things got heated very quickly. During the online arguing and fighting, it was decided to murder Seath.

Crime With Michael Bargo

In the aftermath, Amber Wright asked Seath to come over to the friend’s home Charlie Ely. She convinced him to come so they could talk about getting back together. Seath saw this as an opportunity to getting her back but it was a trap set by her ex-girlfriend. He agreed and when he walked into the home, he got attacked by three teenagers named Michael, Kyle Hooper (brother of Amber Wright), and Justin Soto. Seath Jackson was beaten and then shot by the three of them. Despite all of the beating and getting shot, the fifteen-year-old Seath Jackson teenage boy tried to leave the house but then these teenagers shoot him again and that shot caused his death.

Teen On Death-Row

After murdering Seath, Michael Bargo, Kyle, and Justin broke Seath’s kneecaps in order to put his dead body into a sleeping bag. They did that and then dragged it out to the backyard fire pit.

Amber Wright and Kyle Hooper’s stepdad James Haven helped them dispose of the remains of the body and even drove Micheal Bargo out of town.

Arrest (Kyle Hooper & Justin Soto)

After Seath Jackson’s death, a heinous incident, Florida detective Rhonda Stroup found remains dumped in paint buckets at a nearby quarry a day later. Police acted and arrested the whole group which included Michael Bargo, Amber Wright, Kyle Hooper, and Charlie Ely. They were charged with Jackson’s murder. James Haven was also charged with aiding and abetting them.


Amber Wright, Kyle Hooper, Justin Soto, and Charlie have been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Charlie Ely’s sentence was reduced and she got released in 2020. However, Michael Bargo was found guilty and sentenced to death because he was considered as the ringleader in the group, and he perpetrated the whole thing including the shot that killed Seath.

Amber will serve her sentence and after 25 years of sentence, it will be subjected to review. She is currently incarcerated at the Homestead Correctional Institute in Florida.

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