Angel Arellano

Angel Arellano – A 15 Years Old Teenager Killed A Taxi Driver

Angel Arellano Teens Plead Guilty To Killing Taxi Driver

A 15 year old teenager Angel Arellano robbed and murdered a taxi driver in 2018 in Lehigh Acres. He was not alone in the crime as his 17 year old friend Epimenio Leal also helped him. Both of them are sentenced to 40 years in prison for their act of robbery and first-degree murder.

Early life

Angel Arellano was born on 8th April 2004, in Florida State. He was a white American and was brought up in Florida. The news or police have disclosed no more information regarding his early life.

Angel Arellano Teen Killer

Crime life

As far as the crime life of Angel Arellano is concerned, he robbed and murdered a taxi driver in Lehigh Acres, Florida. This incident took place in April 2018. Arellano and his teenage friend Epimenio Leal called Hinso Estreplit (taxi driver) to a far-flung road. Both of them had already planned for the robbery, so they were also carrying a firearm. Estreplit was a self-employed taxi driver. After calling the taxi driver, Arellano and Leal attacked Estreplit with the attention to rob him. Estreplit resisted the teenagers, so they killed him with a firearm. After killing the taxi driver, Arellano and Leal steal the victim’s purse, cell phone device, and money box.


Angel Arellano and Epimenio Leal got arrested for the murder of a taxi driver in April 2018. They were found guilty of robbery and first-degree murder. They were sentenced to 40 years in prison by Court Judge Bruce Kyle. The case was prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney Jennifer Justham and Andreas Gardiner. The two teens are in prison and will be released on 04-15-2058. They will also undergo ten complete year of probation after time served. Their sentence also includes a minimum mandatory requirement of 25 complete years based on Florida’s 10-20-life law. Also, they are teenagers and eligible for a court reexamination of their sentence upon completing 25 years.


Robbery and Murder
Date Of Birth:
Victim Profile:
A taxi driver
Murder Weapon:
40 years Imprisonment

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