Ayman Aziz – Who Raped And Murdered 14 Year Schoolgirl

Evil Rapist Ayman Aziz Murder His Friend Victorija Sokolova

Ayman Aziz committed a major crime in 2019 when he was just a 17-year-old boy. He raped and murdered a schoolgirl who was just 14 years old. Initially, Ayman Aziz contacted this school girl named Victorija Sokolova on the internet. And later forced her to meet him in West Park. He was arrested for a terrific level of violence that lasted for 2 hours. Ayman Aziz dumped the body of the schoolgirl on the bench in West Park. Before murdering her, he also raped her and attacked her for two hours.


Ayman Aziz used a hammer for assaulting the victim. In the reports, it was clear that the girl suffered a fracture in the Skull and later died because of the injuries. In the medical report, it was also clear that the girl suffered injuries in the brain and had shattered vertebrae. Due to all of these injuries, the schoolgirl later died. In the court’s proper judgment, it was clear that Ayman Aziz assaulted the schoolgirl and later left her on the bench of the park to die. The judge’s decision was clear that the murderer will serve 19 years in prison, along with a life sentence.

Ayman Aziz Crime

Due to the criminal’s age, it was difficult to give the decision by the judges, but it was found that Aziz was guilty of murder. It was also evident during the trial session that Aziz had no remorse. Also, he had no evidence to prove he was not guilty.

This beautiful girl became the victim of the internet and could have been saved. This murder happened in Wolverhampton, and he was also arrested in the same place. Aziz was arrested after 2 months of convicting the crime. A much harder punishment was not given because of the age restriction. In the CCTV footage, it was declared that Aziz tried to cover the bloody body. He also deleted the messages on Facebook and also threw the phone of the girl in the lake. He dragged the body of the girl for 137 meters. The body of the girl was discovered by a dog Walker later that day. Later, Aziz was also diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Name Of The Criminal:
Ayman Aziz
Age Of Criminal:
17 years
Rape, Violence & Murder
No Of Victim:
Name Of Victim:
Vicktorija Sokolava
Age Of Victim:
14 years

Ayman Aziz Video

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