Celeste Carrington – Sentence To Death For Two Murders

Celeste Carrington shot three people, killing two of them during a robbery. She would be convicted of multiple charges that include murder, attempted murder, robbery and sentenced to death for two murders.

Celeste Simone Carrington Early Life

Celeste Carrington had a rough childhood. She was abused by her both parents. She lived in poverty in Philadelphia and was impregnated by her father’s child at the age of 14. She attended a community college and took part in an international competition. She may have been known as the burglar with violent behavior and murder now but before this, she had no criminal record. However, she was fired from her job as a janitorial job in December 1991 for stealing checks and other crimes. Witnesses at her trial also told the court that she had been providing for her partner and woman’s three children.

Celeste Simone Carrington

Attempted Murder

The California Supreme Court upheld the death penalty of Celeste Carrington. She killed two people in the execution-style during a robbery. The robbery was taken place where she worked as a janitor.

According to the reports, she and her boyfriend were both involved in committing crimes. During three different burglaries, she shot three different people, two of them Victor Esparza 34, a janitor at a San Carlos shoe factory and Carolyn Gleason, a property manager in a real estate office got killed.  But two months later, one last person Allan Marks, a paediatrician survived despite getting close-range shot by her three times in his office robbery. According to Celeste’s statement, her boyfriend forced her into burglaries, but the East Palo Alto police have a hard time believing this. Also, the person who survived testified against her in front of a jury.

Death Sentence

After the incidents, Carrington admitted to shooting these people and confessed that she had a stolen gun and keys from all three offices. She worked as a janitor in all those places and that’s how she planned to rob them. Although her lawyers said that the authorities had evidence that was obtained by an illegal raid at her house that led to her confession. According to her defence team, her confession was obtained under duress, but the court dismissed the notion. Even if the search was illegal, she was the one to shot people after a robbery.


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