Christie Michelle Scott Death Row

Christie Michelle Scott – Women on Death Row in United States

Christie Scott was a 30-year-old woman who lived in Alabama, Russellville, with her six-year-old son. Christie Michelle is on the death penalty because of the murder of her child as evaluated by the court.

Christie Scott Early life

Christie Michelle Bray Scott was born in 1978 and lived in Alabama in Russellville. She is now on death row with the conviction of being a murderer. The characteristic was parricide, and the purpose of her mother was to collect the insurance money. She set her house on fire, and smoke inhalation became the reason for her son’s death.

Christie Michelle Scott Early Life


Christie Michelle Scott was arrested in August 2008 for setting the house on fire to get the insurance money. Her son was six years old who died because of this fire and thermal burns. This was a crime related to setting the house on fire and insurance money, which eventually resulted in her son’s death. There were multiple appeals, and in all of these appeals, she was recommended life in prison. During the appeals, it was also stated that her son was alive when the fire happened, and the death was not due to the fire. But this did not resolve the case.

Death sentence

In the final appeal, Christie Michelle Scott was declared the murderer of her six-year-old son, named Mason Scott. More than 70 witnesses testified for that, and the death case in chief reviewed the evidence as well. The evidence was testified from the Forensic Alabama Department. When the house fire happened, the four-year-old son Mason, was in Scott’s bedroom, and he was sleeping. Scott’s husband was not home, and after checking the evidence, it was evaluated that the death was due to the smoke and thermal burns. That smoke blocked his airway, and he was choked to death. Finally, it was also evaluated that the house was set on fire by Christie to get the insurance money. The Jury was convicted of giving MS. Scott the life sentence, but the Alabama supreme court judge gave the death sentence for MS. Christie Michelle Scott. After several appeals, the case is still the same, and she is still on death row.

Interesting facts

Date of birth:
Date of murder:
August 16, 2008
Method of killing:
House On Fire
No. of victims:
Date of Arrest:
October 26, 2008
Victim detail:
Her autistic son, Mason Scott, (6-year-old)
Russellville, Alabama
Sentenced to death on August 5th, 2009

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