Cynthia Coffman

Cynthia Coffman – Famous Killer Couple Is Sentenced To Death

Cynthia, who looks like the adorable girl who seems to be the girl next door, is not so innocent as she seems. When you think she is all good and innocent, you don’t know about the crimes she has convicted. Cynthia Coffman has been on death row in California death row for many decades now, and do you know what the reason is?

Cynthia Lynn Coffman

Cynthia Coffman is on the California death row for convicting the heinous crime of murdering 5 people. With her boyfriend, James Gregory Marlow, she used to be on a crime spree and killed 5 people. Cynthia Coffman admits her crime in front of the police, and later she also accepted it in front of the jury. However, she had a reason. In front of the jury, she stated that she was under pressure because of her boyfriend, who forced her into the crime. The Jury obviously did not buy it.

Early Age Of Cynthia Lynn Coffman

Cynthia Coffman was born on 9th January 1962. She is an American who was born in Missouri. Her father left, and her mother raised her. She got married at the age of 18 and had a kid. However, the marriage was not successful, and soon both of them were in their separate ways.

She then moved to Arizona, where the major part of her life began. Although she has been to jail before and then as soon as she was released, she moved to Arizona. In Arizona, she met Marlow, who soon became her sweetheart. The major turn happened when Cynthia Coffman started using meth under the influence of her boyfriend. Soon Coffman and Marlow got married and started committing crimes together. It was not long after her marriage that she was arrested for 4 murders.

Crime With James Marlow

Both she and her current husband James were on a multi crime spree. They killed 4 people in 1986 and were soon arrested. Initially, she did not accept her crime, but soon Coffman confessed her crime in front of the jury and front of the police. There were a total of 4 victims, and she was the American woman convicted murderer for 2 of them even though she stated that her husband pushed her towards the crime, but the jury was not convinced.

She was sentenced to death, and now she is held at the Central California Women’s Facility for many decades. By looking at her face, you can never guess that she was a part of the heinous crime of murder.

Now, she is held at a California facility for convicting murder and is sentenced to death.


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