Ed Gein Victims

Edward Theodore Gein Victims – List of Identified and Unidentified People

Edward Theodore Gein was an American murderer and body snatcher. Ed kept human organs to make accessories and clothing out of victims’ body parts. He never dated any women and mostly spend his time alone at home. After the missing of Bernice Worden authorities suspected Ed Gein and went to his farmhouse. Bernice’s body was hanged with the ceiling.

The Identified List of Victims

Mary Hogan (December 8, 1954)

Mary Hogan was a 54-year-old woman who was the first victim of Ed Gein. During the investigation, Ed confessed that he shot Mary with 32. Mauser pistol on the day she went missing from the tavern. Authorities found her face which was converted into skull caps.

Bernice C. Worden (November 16, 1957)

She went missing on November 16, 1957. Bernice son reported to the police that his mother is missing. He directly suspected Ed gein as he saw his mother with him. When the authorities investigate the matter and go to the farmhouse of Gein, they found Bernice’s body hanged to the ceiling.

The Unidentified List of Victims

Ed Gein is persomed to kill five other people but they are still unidentified.

Evelyn Hartley (October 24, 1953)

Evelyn was a high school student who disappeared from La Crosse’s South Side during a job in Oct 1953. Evelyn has never been officially declared dead and this case is still unsolved.

Georgia Weckler (May 1, 1947)

Georgia Weckler disappeared from Jefferson, Wisconsin, and never came home from school.

Ray Burgess & Victor Travis (November 1952)

Both the man and their dog disappeared near Plainfield, Wisconsin.

Henry Gein (May 16, 1944)

He was the brother of Ed Gein. He was caught by the fire died on spot. Authorities noticed bruising around Henry’s head and no futher invectigation was pursued because the death cause declared asphyxiation.

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