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Graham Young – The Tea Boy Who Gave Poison To kill His Victims

English Serial Killer Who Murder Using Poison

Graham Young was a famous serial killer who killed victims by using dangerous poison, which is why he is renowned as the Teacup poisoner. In the year 1962, Graham Young was sent to the Broadmoor hospital for killing his own stepmother and family with the help of the poison. He spends 9 years in the hospital, and in the year 1971, he was released from there. After being released from the hospital, he poisoned 7 more victims and again sent them to the HMP Parkhurst hospital.

Young’s Life

Graham Frederick Young was born on 7 September 1947 in Neasden, North London, to Bessie and Fred Young. Her mother died because of tuberculosis after giving birth to Young. Graham Young father was upset after his wife’s death and gave him to Young’s Aunt Winnie. Young spent his first 2 years with his aunt. He was attached to his aunt, but Young’s dad married again in 1950 and wanted his son back from his aunt. Young was distressed due to separation from his aunt. He never talked to his new mom and avoided socializing with his family members and relatives.

When he was in school, his interesting subjects were toxicology, forensic science, and chemistry. Young’s dad always encouraged him to study and purchased chemistry sets, and he spent most of his time with the chemistry set. When he was 13-years-old, he had complete information about toxicology, and he convinced a local chemist to provide poisons like arsenic, digitalis, and antimony for his study purpose. At that time, he also bought a huge quantity of thallium and heavy metal.

Graham Young

Graham Young did his first experiment of poison to one of his science fellows Christopher Williams. He suffered from headaches, painful cramps, and vomiting. Williams was blessed, and he survived from that poison. Young gave poisons to his family as well in the year 1961. He gave poison to his elder sister “Winifred” and the doctor confirmed it as well.

Young’s father initially suspected him that he gave poison to his sister, but he denied the allegation, and his father took no action against him. Young also gave poison to his stepmother Molly Young, and she became ill, and on 21 April 1962, she told her husband that she was not feeling well. They went to the hospital where she died because of this poison. The doctor told them that she died because of the prolapse of her spinal bone. Once again, Young was not found guilty, but later on, he told them the whole story when the police arrested him.

Criminal History

After his stepmother’s Molly death, his father got similar stomach cramps debilitating and vomiting, and his condition was worst. Later on, his father was admitted to a nearby hospital, where doctors found that he was diagnosed with a dangerous poison. Young’s father was lucky that doctors saved his life, and he didn’t say anything to the doctors. But Young’s school chemistry teacher called the police and told them that Graham Frederick Young has discovered dangerous poisons and might give poisons to his family.

Police took action against him and got to know that he was involved in killing his mother. He was detained on 23 May 1962, where Graham Young claimed that he gave poison to his school friend, sister, and father. The police psychiatrist sent him to the Broadmoor maximum security hospital.

When he was in the hospital, his fellow inmate John Berridge died, and his reports confirmed that he died because of cyanide poisoning. He told police that he got this poison from laurel bush leaves. Police didn’t pay attention to his statement and declared that Berridge died because of suicide. Later on, the doctors released that a victim was found dead in the hospital every year but didn’t know the exact reason.

On 4 February 1971, he was released from the hospital, and at that time, he was 23 years of age. He lived in a hostel room and had a connection with older sister Winifred Young. He went to London many times during this era and bought thallium, antimony, and different poisons. He started the same experiment with one of his hostel friends Trevor Sparkes who was 34-years-old. Sparkes became ill and went to the hospital. Young did different experiments on different victims, and all died because of the poison.


On 21 November 1971, he was detained in Sheerness, Kent, where he met his father. His trial started on 19 June 1972, where he was charged with 2 murders and several attempts to murders. He asked the police that he was not involved in all these crimes, and no evidence was found against him, and unfortunately, he was free from all the charges on 29 June 1972. But later on, the court gets to know his mental health, and they again opened the case.

He was imprisoned again at maximum-security Parkhurst prison. Young met with Ian Brady, who told police about his daily activities. They spent most of the time with each other and playing chess for hours.

Young Died

Graham died on 1st August 1990 in jail, and the cause of his disease was heart failure. His friend Brady told police that he was fed up with this prison life, and he poisoned himself with a dangerous poison. The film “The Young Poisoner’s Handbook” was released in 1995 in cinemas that told everything about Young’s life. In the year 2005, a Japanese girl who was 16-years-old got arrested by police. She gave the thallium poison to her mother. When the police asked where you get to know about this poison, she told about this movie and where she got to know about it.

Graham Young Images

Graham Young Images


Full Name:
Graham Frederick Young
Span Of Crime:
Way Of Killing:
Poisoned Victims
Cause Of Death:
Heart Attack

Graham Young Quick Facts

Graham Young Quick Facts

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