Houston Family Murders

Sun Maoye Family: The Unsolved Houston Family Murders In Texas

Houston Family Murders Remain Unsolved

The Chinese family was found murdered in their own house in Harris County, Texas. Their dead bodies were found on 30th January 2014. Maoye Sun was a 50-years-old engineer and was living with his 49-years-old wife Mei Xie and two sons Titus Sun and Timothy Sun in separate bedrooms. Maoye was working as a mechanical engineer at Cameron, an oil and gas equipment company in Houston. Maoye’s co-workers contacted the local police about his several missed days from work. The police searched Maoye’s house on 30th January 2014 at 7:30 pm and found their bodies.

Upon a detailed search of the home, the rear window was found broken and the back door opened. The crime scene was declared “horrible” by the police. There were no weapons in the house, so it seemed to be a murder suicide scenario. According to autopsies, the predicted time was somewhere between 24th January at 7:00 pm and 25th January at 11:00 am. The brutal murder case of the entire family is still an unsolved crime.

Theories Behind Sun Family Murder

Did Sun’s family killed during a house invasion burglary? Or someone murdered them because of some personal revenge? It was difficult for the police to unveil the reality in the absence of a murder weapon and lack of information about missing things. However, the police declared the Sun family an average and quiet family that was not engaged in any illegal activities. So, it pointed towards a random killing. But if we look at the facts, then no burglar would have killed 4 family members without tying them up with an intention to rob a house.

Top Communist Party Member

Zhou Yongkang is one of the top members of the communist party who has been charged with corruption. In his corruption interrogation, he declared that he was involved in Sun family murder as former employee Maoye was aware of Zhou’s illegal dealings in the 1990s when he was engaged in the state oil industry. During that time, Maoye was working for state-governed China National Petroleum Corporation. Zhou also stated that Maoye had managed his assets in the U.S as well as his classified documents. The interrogation officials declared his statement substantiated.

Unsolved Maoye Sun Family Murders

The case of the Houston family murders is still unsolved but the police are not giving up efforts. The police have hanged billboards alongside Houston highways for getting help from the FBI. A news conference was held by county Sheriff Adrian Garcia in which he directly spoke to the murderer. He said, “You have murdered two children and you would have gone through a heart or brain condition”. That conference was proof that the police are working day-night to find the murderer. Police believed especially the Chinese community members must have some information relevant to the case but they were afraid of speaking out.

There is also a reward of $75,000 on this case. If someone has any information about the case, then he/she can contact Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Division or Houston Crime Stoppers.

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