Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams – Teen Pleads Guilty To Triple Murder Of Foster Family

Kevin Adams is a teenage killer. He killed three people at the age of 16 when he was in Oregon, living with the foster family. These three people were the family members of his foster family, which was in Oregon. It was a planned murder in which he waited for his foster father to leave home. This foster father was also his uncle. Kevin Adam knew a gun locked in a closet; he broke the lock and grabbed the gun for shooting. After grabbing the gun, he shot his sister and his foster mother and foster sister.

Early Life

Kevin Adams was just a teenager when he killed three members of the family. He was living in Oregon with the foster family with his sister. This faster family included her uncle and aunt, who were also her foster father and mother. After his uncle was gone from the house, he grabbed a gun and killed her sister and his foster sister, and his own sister as well. After the shooting, he waited outside the house until the police arrived, and he confessed to the three murders that he did.

Kevin Adams was studying in Roseburg high school at the time when he committed the crime. He used a 0.22 caliber handgun to kill the three members of the family. The people who were killed included are Donya Adams, Amory Adams, and Tia Adams.


Kevin Adam was born on 6 November 2001, and he committed the crime on the eleventh of August 2017. He was only 16 years old when he committed a crime to kill someone. The number of victims is only three, but he was sentenced for committing a crime of second-degree murder.

Kevin Adams Crime

Kevin Adams is held at Oregon youth authority till the time he was 25. Later he was transferred to a different prison. He is currently at the youth authority, but he will be transferred when he is 25. However, it completely depends upon his behavior and how he performs at the prison. He has been sentenced to a lifelong 60 years in prison. Moreover, he will be eligible for parole after 12 years.


Kevin Adams
Age Of The Criminal:
16 Years
Second-Degree Murder
Held At:
Oregon Young Authority
Sentenced For:
60 Years
0.22 Caliber Handgun

Kevin Admas Video

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