Maryanne Atkins

Maryanne Atkins -Sentenced To Jail For Second Degree Murder

A 16 Years Old Girl Killed A 21 Years Old Man

In 2019, a 19-years-old girl has sentenced to imprisonment at the age of 19 years old due to her 2016 cold-blooded murder. Maryanne Atkins was 16 years child at the time of the murder in 2016. She was held guilty for killing and sentenced to imprisonment in 2019. She was found guilty of second-degree murder and second-degree illegal firearm possession. The victim was a 21-years-old youth Emmanuel Gondo whom she planned to rob and then killed.

Early life

Maryanne Atkins was born on 20th January 2000 in Seattle, WA. She has struggled a lot in life since childhood. She was sent to a foster care center as she was troubled youth to her parents at the age of 4. It’s because of her neglectful mother Jones and sexually offensive father. At that time, her parents adopted another girl, but it resulted in a failed adoption. Maryanne Atkins started running away from home at 14. She had also suggested an antidepressant when she was 10-years-old, and she tried suicide at least 3 times.


On February 24, 2016, adult Emmanuel Gondo was found killed in his car. Maryanne Atkins was the key suspect as she was last seen with the victim. Atkins’ messages to her friend showed that she already planned to rob Gondo, which ultimately resulted in a murder. Atkins was carrying an unlawful firearm at the robbery and shot Gondo when he tried to escape.


The case was filled in the King County courtroom with more than 40 witnesses, comprising the friends and family of Gondo. On the other hand, an 86-years-old ex-neighbor of Maryanne was speaking in her favor. Atkins blamed Gondo for sexual harassment and rape. She declared the incident self-defense to protect her from Gondo. Based on facts and figures, Judge Marshall Ferguson rejected Atkins’ claim of self-defense and sentencing 19 years imprisonment to Maryanne. The defense requested to reduced sentence based on her terrible life as a neglected kid and sexually abuse survivor. However, the judge denied the request.


Maryanne Atkins was sent to the Washington Correction Center prison for women in Purdy to spend her imprisonment of 19 years. She will be released from imprisonment in her 30s.

Other Information

Robbery and murder
Murderer Date Of Birth:
Victim Profile:
A 21 Years Old Man
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