Morgan Arnold

Morgan Arnold – Teen Killer Who Plotted Her Father’s Murder

Morgan Arnold & Jason Bulmer Accused Of Killing Man In Ellicot City

Early Life

Dennis Lane and Cindy Arnold were the parents of Morgan Arnold. They never married, but they shared the custody of their daughter, Morgan. Since they didn’t live together, they had conflicting arguments on how to raise Morgan Arnold. It is no wonder Morgan lived with anxiety, depression, schizoaffective disorder, attention-deficit disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome. She was a teen with mental health problems and had a hard time to control everything. All of this had made her social misfit, and Morgan Arnold ended up murdering her father. But the fact that she planned her father’s murder for months had shaken the world. Howard county made a tough decision to send Morgan Arnold to prison for three decades for plotting a murder for her father that happened in Maryland.

Morgan Arnold Crime


Dennis Lane was a good person. He had a business in Howard County. He wrote a popular blog and co-hosted a podcast in his local area. His friends and family described him as a social man. Also, people said he was a devoted father to his daughter. He was stabbed to death in his Ellicott City home in May 2013 by Morgan Arnold boyfriend, Jason Bulmer.


In Morgan’s defense, her mother, Cindy Arnold, stated that Morgan Arnold was influenced by her boyfriend Jason, and she was interested in reading horror stories and dressing in black clothes. Jason Bulmer and Morgan Arnold were studying in the same school. He was a few years old, and Morgan was only 14 years old at the incident. Both were social misfits and developed a relationship. She was never violent before meeting her boyfriend, according to her mother. But the text messages between them showed Morgan Arnold was the culprit and had influenced Jason Bulmer. It is also concluded that Morgan had planned the murder of her 58 years old father for months and even manipulated her boyfriend to join into this. Morgan Arnold kept the door unlocked so Jason could sneak in. Jason Bulmer was the one who stabbed Dennis Lane. She also planned to kill her father’s girlfriend, Denise Geiger, according to some statements.


Jason Bulmer was the one who committed the crime of murdering Dennis Lane, and for that, he is being sentenced to thirty years in prison after he agree of murdering on behalf of Morgan Arnold . Jason was initially sentenced to life but 30 years suspended after pleading guilty to one count of first-degree murder in February.

Death row

Morgan Arnold is categorized as a teen killer because she killed her father. Morgan Arnold is incarcerated for 30 years in prison and will serve 5 years of supervised probation in the future for committing the first-degree murder of her father.

Morgan Arnold Photos

Morgan Arnold Teen Killer


14 Year Old
Plotter Father Murder
Place Of Crime:
Ellicott City Home
Victim Profile:
Dennis Lane, Blogger and Co-host a podcast
30 Years Imprisonment

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