Ancient Serial Killers

Top 10 Most Notorious Ancient Serial Killers Of All Time

Terrifying Serial killer You’ve Never Heard Of

The majority of the people are unaware of those ancient serial killers who don’t have much information on the internet. Nowadays, murders are often shown on different famous TV programs where their stories can be revealed to viewers all across the state.

These true crime shows also provide fact-based and horrifying tales that shock all those watching these shows. So, here is a list of 10 brutal serial killers of early history.

1. Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory is responsible for killing more than 650 victims, and that is why she is famous as “The Blood Countess.” She was convicted for killing 80 victims during the late 1500s, and early 1600s in “The Kingdom of Hungary” Different people created different stories about Bathory. Still, according to detailed research, investigators said that she had been a conspiracy target as most allegations were politically disposed of.

Bathory was never condemned to death, but her family members caged her. During her imprisonment, Bathory was found deceased in her house by her home guard in 1619.

2. Gilles de Rais

Gilles De Rais

Gilles de Rais was a renowned recorded serial killer who murdered 80-200 youngsters. He was a French Army leader during the 1400s. Rais fought together with Joan of Arc in several battles, and after that, he developed an interest in Satanism and alchemy in faiths of attaining knowledge, power, and money.

Over time, his Satanism interest got worst, and he started kidnapping young children. First, he tortured those children and then killed them brutally. Rais was caught by the police in 1440 and condemned to death by dangling and burned alive.

3. Peter Stumpp

Peter Stumpp

Peter Stumpp is known for his different names like Peter Stube and Peter Stumpp. He was a wealthy farmer who lived in Germany (Bedburg) in the sixteen century. Stumpp’s position and wealth allowed him to be a highly influential person in the city, which is why he gained people’s trust. Several horrible murders of cattle and citizens took place in Bedburg, Germany.

Several individuals believed that all these slaughters had been executed by the hungry wolves. Many predators chased down and stated that wolves do not do all these murders. They also believed that all these murders took place by a Devil. He was arrested and confessed to murdering several victims. He was sentenced to death for all his crimes on 31 October 1589.

4. Peter Niers

Peter Niers

Peter Niers, in the late 16-century, controlled a big gang of offenders and committed more than 544 murders. When the police detained him, and throughout his trial, he was tortured by the police and confessed only 75 murders in the year 1577. He fled away from the jail in the year 1577 and was again recaptured in the year 1581.

He confessed that he did all these murders because he was involved in black magic. In the year 1581, when captured again, Niers was brutally tortured by the police for 3 days. The feudal torture approaches include the breaking wheel. Niers was quartered to decease by the torturer.

5. Thug Behram

Thug Behram

Thug Behram was a renowned thug and assassin in India who is suspected of killing an astonishing quantity of individuals who confessed to doing 931 murders. Behram spent more than fifty years committing all these acts of killing by strangling using a ritual cloth. Thug Behram was also responsible for several spiteful acts of assassinations, robbery, and serial murder.

6. Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova was punished for life imprisonment in jail for killing 38-147 victims during the eighteenth century. She was a female serial killer who mostly killed females. Saltykova was born on 3rd November 1730 and died on 27 December 1801. She was married to a well-off man from the Saltykova family, and at the age of 26, she becomes widowed.

Darya gets the inherited property of his husband after his decease. She started to commit malicious slaughters to her labourers before 1762. The authorities reported that she killed 138 victims, and she was found guilty of torturing, mutilation, and beating thirty-eight labourers for no reason.

7. Zu Shenatir

Zu Shenatir

Zu Shenatir was on the list of infamous serial killers for luring young men and invites them into his palace, where first he raped them many times and sodomize them. After doing rape with the victim, he throws that man out of his palace windows. The cases of homosexuality and homicide were found by the aristocracies and other high-ranking associates in the society where Zu Shenatir was living. Because of their power, they were involved in different horrific crimes in which rapes and murders were top of them.

Zu Shenatir was one of the first serial killer who was engaged in homosexual activity. In the fifth century, he was a famous El-Yemen dictator who was also renowned as cruel. He met his destiny with his last victim as Zerash stabbed and murdered him.

8. Liu Pengli

Liu Pengli

Liu Pengli was the lad of King Xiao of Liang in “China” All kingdom knows very well that Pengli was an arrogant and cruel man. At night, he and his twenty to thirty other men, such as criminals and slaves, would kill individuals and steal their belongings. It was confirmed that Pengli murdered over a hundred subjects. Because of his evil behavior, people got afraid and left their house at night time.

At last, one victim’s son reported police for his activities to the throne, and the Han officers suggested that Pengli has been performed for his atrocious actions. Pengli dad could not perform his lad, so the dad chooses to expel Pengli as an ordinary to Shangyon.

9. Alice Kyteler

Alice Kyteler


Alice Kyteler was a well-known fourteen-century witch whose on the top list of female serial killers who lived in Ireland. Kyteler was the crown of a witchcraft ring and was first impeached in a modern day witch trail in the British Isles. Kyteler killed her first 3 hubbies by poisoning them. She was gently murdered by her last spouse, named Sir John le Poer.

Her own son identified her hubby’s nails and hair that were dropped off. Kyteler was also blamed for having her own demon called “Son of Art” She escaped from her trial twice at 1st time Kyteler was living in Dublin. Kyteler was supposed to run away to England. The second time she never found it. One of his followers, “Petronilla,” was victimized in her palace.

Although many of her assistants were also registered, the sentence was recorded for William Outlawe and Petronilla. William (son of Alice Kyteler) was penalized by completing an extensive list of moral deeds that Williams’ did not accomplish. Petronilla was whipped and buried alive. In Ireland, she was the only 1st individual to be charred alive.

10. Bjorn Petursson

Bjorn Petursson

Bjorn Petursson was famous as “Bjore Petursson” who was basically living in Iceland, and his profession was a farmer. Petursson lived on his farm that was nearby Axlarhyrna Mountain. He pregnant women who was his own mother, and her mother had a dye craving for human blood. She drinks her husband’s blood to fulfil her craving.

When he was a young boy, Petursson always dreamt of a shadowy gentleman who had given him eighteen parts of human skin. That gentleman also told him to climb the mountain and take anything he found under the definite rock. On the next day, he found a sharp axe under a rock of Axlarhyrna Mountain. He picked that axe and came back to his home.

After this incident, townsfolk began to disappear strangely. He, along with his wife, was involved in several murders. When the investigation discovered all the murders, they know that they were involved in several murders. They both were penalized to the death penalty for murdering these innocent victims. Petursson was tortured in jail and decapitated as his execution in the year 1596. Her pregnant wife gave birth to a baby boy before her execution. Their son became the infamous rapist (Sveinn “Skotti” Bjornsson). Bjorn Petursson was the only famous serial killer in Iceland.

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