Patricia Blackmon Death Row

Patricia Blackmon – Women on Death Row in United States


Patricia Blackmon is in jail for killing her adopted daughter, who was 28-months-old. Blackmon is on death row. As per Patricia Blackmon, she called 911 and told them that her daughter was not breathing. When the 911 team came to her residence and saw the whole scenario, they were aghast that the child was breathless and full of vomit. Also, the child was wearing blood soaked socks. Her name was Dominique.

Patricia Ann Blackmon Crime

The crime took place on 29 May 1999 in Dothan, Alabama. Patricia Blackmon (29-years-old) called 911 for help as her daughter was not breathing. The team arrived at her home and found Dominiqua lying on the bedroom floor. She was only wearing bloodstained socks and a diaper. When the paramedics checked her daughter, she was no more. They also saw some blood on Dominique’s chest and a big bump on her head.

The paramedics tried to revive Dominique, and they transported her to the Flowers Hospital Emergency Room, where Dominiqua deceased shortly after arriving at the hospital. Dr Robert Head examined Dominiqua and got to know that she had several contusions and bruises and imprint the shoe sole on the chest. They also observed many old scars and injuries on her body, and most of them were indifferent healing stages.

Patricia Blackmon

Autopsy Report

It was cleared that many internal injuries were found on the child’s body. Dr. Alfredo Parades found several marks on her upper abdomen, right groin, and lower victim’s chest. Her leg was also fractured. The doctors also found the child had many previous injuries along with two broken bones, and all of them were indifferent healing stages. Dr Alfredo Parades cleared that Dominiqua died because of many blunt-force wounds on her extremities, abdomen, left buttock area, chest, and head. Not only that, but Parades also found the imprint of a shoe sole on the child’s chest that was clearly captured in the picture, which was taken by her doctor.

Trial Period

Dr James Downs (chief medical examiner) for the State of Alabama stated that he compared the pictures taken from the child’s chest with Patricia Blackmon sandal shoe print, which she was wearing on the same day when this incident took place. Blackmon’s father-in-law Wayne Johnson told me that she is the only one who takes care of Dominique and was also with her on the same evening of the assassination. The 911 team reached Patricia Blackmon home around 9:30 pm. Her father-in-law also told police that she met Dominique on the same day, and she seemed quite happy and fine. Also, she was playing with her toys. He also confirmed that he left their home around 8 pm when both daughter and mother were alone. The team searched Patricia Ann Blackmon house and found bloodstains in the bedroom. Forensic tests also found bloodstains on the child’s T-shirt, bedsheet, broken pool cue, broken napkins, and quilt. The blood matched with the child’s blood.


Patricia Blackmon said that her child fell off from her bed in her defense, and numerous injuries were because of this. Judy Whatley, one of his colleagues, said that both mother and daughter had a good relationship with each other. One of Blackmon’s neighbor, Tammy Freeman, stated that she left her kids under Blackmon’s custody several times.


After hearing all the statements, the Ohio eighth district court confirmed that Patricia Blackmon killed her daughter, and they announced the death sentence to her. After the jury’s decision, by voting, 2 out of 10 recommended the jury for the death penalty to Blackmon.


Patricia Ann Blackmon appealed many times to the court, but she was unsuccessful in proving herself innocent every time. Blackmon is now on her turn on death row, and these days, she is living in Wetumpka, Alabama, at Tutwiler Prison for Women.

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