Rosie Alfaro Death Row

Rosie Alfaro – Women on Death Row in United States

The True Story Of Del Rosio Rosie Alfaro

Rosie Alfaro is an American woman born on 12th October 1971, in Anaheim, California, United States. She kill Autumn Wallace, who was a 9-years-old child. Rosie Alfaro is now in California jail on death row.

Early Life

Rosie Alfaro’s full name is Maria del Rosio “Rosie” Alfaro. She was born and raised in California. At the age of 13 years, she started taking drugs and became a drug addict. At the age of 14, she started working as a prostitute. Del Rosio Rosie Alfaro gave birth to her first child at the age of 15. She was a single mom of 4 children. She committed her first murder when she was 18-years-old. Rosie Alfaro was the first lady to receive the death penalty. She was only 20-years of age at that time.

Rosie Alfaro First Murder

On 15th June 1990, she murdered 9-year-old Autumn Wallace when she was home alone in Anaheim, California. Wallace was waiting for her mother and older sister to return to their house from work. Alfaro knew her family for the past many years and had friendly behavior with the Wallace family. On that day, she thought no one is inside the home, and it is the best time to steal things from there as she needs money to purchase drugs.

Rosie Alfaro Early Life

Autumn Wallace opened the home door for her as she recognized Alfaro as her sister’s friend. She asked Autumn to use the toilet. Before going to the toilet, Alfaro took a sharp knife from the kitchenette situated to the backside of the home. Alfaro wheedled Autumn into the toilet by using tricks. She stabbed Autumn more than 57 times. After killing the little girl, she started stealing expensive things from the house. She also stole some property, which she later sold to someone and got just $300.

Police started the investigation of this murder, and Alfaro was found guilty. Graham Alfaro confessed her crime when she was on trial that she was very high on cocaine and heroin and needed money at any cost. She said when I stabbed Autumn, I was taking high drugs. Later on, Alfaro changed her statement and said a man forced me to do all this, and because of him, she stabbed the innocent girl. Alfaro told police that 2 men drove her to Autumn Wallace house. First, one man entered the house and asked her to kill the girl. Alfaro denied recognizing the man. After a detailed investigation and collected evidence from Autumn house indicated that only Alfaro and Wallace’s family members’ footprints and fingerprints were found from there.

Uphold Alfaro’s Death Sentence

Alfaro was sentenced to the murder of an innocent girl. During her trial, the court deadlocked 10-2 on the verdict of death. Later on, the trial was stated as a mistrial. Then a 2nd bench returned a decision of demise and condemned Alfaro to decease. In California, she was the first woman penalized to death and declared 3rd on California’s death row. In the year 2007, the California Supreme Court voted consistently to uphold Rosie Alfaro’s decease sentence.

Interesting Facts

Date of birth:                                                         12 October 1971

Classification:                                                        Murderer

Date of murder:                                                     13th June 1990

Method of killing:                                                 Stabbing with a sharp knife

No. of victims:                                                       1

Date of arrest:                                                        25 June 1990

Victim detail:                                                          Autumn Wallace (9-years-old)

Location:                                                                 Orange County, California, USA

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