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Susan Eubanks – Killer Of Her Own 4 Children [ Death Row ]

Susan Eubanks of San Marcos, California is the woman who shot her four children aged between four to fourteen and now serving the death penalty at the Central California Women’s Facility.

Early Life

susan eubanks death row

There is not much knowledge about her early life, but the circumstances around the murder incident indicate that she was taking drugs and getting high. To be precise, it was valium and blood alcohol drinking. This made her mental state worse, and one of her son’s fathers stated that she threatened to kill the boys and herself. Her husband Eric Eubanks then called the sheriff’s department and asked them to check on her children. By the time sheriff’s deputies got there, she had been shot in the head and killed the boys and shot herself in the stomach. There were allegations of child abuse and talk of revenge before the incident.


According to court documents, on October 26, 1999, Susan Dianne Eubanks argued with her boyfriend. She took a valium and was drinking alcohol. She made it at home, slashed two tires in his car, and refused to let him in the house. The boyfriend called the police, and the police escorted him into the house, where he picked a few his belongings and left the house. It is believed that this incident was the catalyst of the murders as she lost control of her body and mind due to this.

Susan Eubanks then went on and killed all four of her children with gunshot(38 calibre pistol) wounds to the head. When the police reached the house, there were three boys dead. They were older, and a younger 4 years-old boy was still alive. She shot herself in the stomach as a result of attempted suicide, according to her legal team.

The 4-years old boy and her mother were provided with medical care by calling an ambulance. The boy and her mother were rushed to the hospital, where the boy lost his life, and her mother made it through.

There was another person at home when the incident occurred. It was Susan’s 5-years old nephew who was found unharmed after the incident when police arrived.

Death Sentence

After 5 days of the incident, Susan was charged with 4 counts of murder. The trial began in August. The prosecuting team alleged that she killed all four of her sons in a rage. It was all the result of her failed relationships. The anger Susan Eubanks felt towards her boys’ father and the boyfriend Rene Dodson led her to seek revenge because they both left her. She wanted them to know the feeling of being left alone by a loved one.

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