Paris Lee Bennett

Teen Paris Benneth Killer Who Murders His Little Sister

Teen Killer Paris Bennett Stabbed And Sexually Assaulted His Sister

Paris Bennett is known for being the killer of his sister. Paris Bennett and Ella Bennett were siblings. Paris Lee Bennett is convicted of a crime by the court. He was only 13 years old when he committed the crime. Paris Bennett killer is the teen killer who killed her four year old sister Ella.

Paris Bennett killer had the major motto for his mother to suffer. One fine day when Paris Bennett was alone in the house with his sister and along with the babysitter, he asked the babysitter to leave.

Paris Bennett Killer

After convincing the baby sitter to leave the little Ella Bennett all by herself with Paris Bennett, he killed his little sister Ella Bennett.

Paris Bennett Crime

The crime of Paris Bennett was to murder his sister. His little sister was just four years old and was stabbed multiple times by his brother. After committing the crime, Paris called 911 and told the operator everything he had done. Later in an interview, he finally admitted that he did the murder and the reason to murder his sister was to make his mother suffer.

After the case was filed and the investigation was done, the court finally decided to punish the convicted murder. Paris Bennett was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment. He is currently held at Ferguson Unit Texas State Faculty.

Paris Bennett stabbed his sister almost 17 times, and he is currently serving in unit Texas state prison.

According To Other Reports

It was also investigated that the Paris Bennett killer sexually assaulted his sister before stabbing her 17 times. He was termed as the genius psychopath because of his exceptional IQ level, which is rarely found in less than a quarter of 1% of humans on earth.

Paris Bennett And Ella Bennet

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Later he also admitted sexual abuse his sister. Reportedly Bennett used a knife to stab his sister while she was sleeping on the bed.

According to the memoir of Paris Bennett mother, she stated that Paris Bennett did that after watching hours of violent points.

Also, on the call with the 911 operator, the 13-year-old killer accepted that he accidentally killed someone. The same day he called 911, he was taken into custody. Also, his only reason to brutally murdered Ella was to punish his mother Charity Lee and get the attention he wanted.

Right now, Bennett is 26 years old, and he is still in Texas prison. His mother has forgiven him and visits him regularly but doesn’t want him to be released.

Other Information About Paris Bennett

Paris Bennett was born on 10th October 1993, and he is sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment almost half his life. The projected release date is February 5th, 2047 as the eligibility parole criteria are 5th February 2027.

Paris has an IQ level of 141, and no doubt he was counted as a genius. However, according to the experts, he was also mentioned as a psychopath and had a medical history of diagnosed mental illness.

According to the investigation, it was also investigated that before Paris called the police and 911, he called a friend and talked for about 6 minutes.

Although according to his mother, Charity Lee has forgiven Paris Bennett, she does not want to grant younger son parole.


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Frequently Asked Questions

[wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Paris Bennett Now”]Paris Bennett is currently incarcerated at the Ferguson Facility within the Texas Department Of Corrections.[/wps_faq] [wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Paris Bennett Release Date”]Paris Bennett first opportunity of parole is in 2027, his maximum release date is in 2047.[/wps_faq]

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